Release Notes for IDS GigE Vision Firmware 1.6



These release notes describe the new features of the GigE Vision Firmware 1.6 which introduces numerous new features as well as improvements.

Firmware update

Important information

For updating the camera firmware to version 1.6, you must use the IDS Vision Suite 1.1.1 (or newer) because of changes in the GenICam standard. Note that you cannot use IDS Vision Suite 1.1.1 (or newer) for downgrading to firmware versions 1.3 or 1.4.

Note that a camera with firmware version 1.6 or higher cannot be opened with IDS Vision Suite 1.0.0. You need at least IDS Vision Suite 1.1.

New and changed functions   

With GigE Vision Firmware 1.6, IDS introduces a set of new camera features:

Refer to the data sheet to identify which new features are supported by your camera model.

Newly added SFNC features

Newly added IDS features

Enhanced features


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